March 23 total lunar eclipse astrology

March lunar eclipse Total eclipse Date 13 March Gamma For a penumbral lunar eclipse, this denotes the penumbral magnitude.

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Lunar eclipses. All Central total eclipses Total penumbral eclipses Historically significant. Danjon scale Gamma. Categories : 21st-century lunar eclipses in science Lunar eclipse stubs. Hidden categories: All stub articles.

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Astrological Significance of the Eclipses

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This New Moon is the first of four eclipses occurring during the next will occur on March This is a total solar eclipse. Although only visible in Western areas of the Pacific, it will influence the entire planet. Eclipses provide us with times when our unconscious can reboot or be reconfigured, and their impact typically influences the following 6-month period. The time of an eclipse often correlates with major endings and beginnings in our lives. Or you can look back six months ago to see what was happening on September 12, , when there was a Solar Eclipse in opposition to this one.

All of these can provide clues for understanding what may need to change in your life now.

Next Eclipses & Lunar & Solar Eclipse Calendar

SuperMoons occur when the Moon makes its closest possible approach to the Earth. When they occur, it creates a powerful pull on our psyches to make necessary changes. They also exert gravitational pulls that increase the tides and often correlate with movement of tectonic plates. In other words, change often happens during SuperMoons.

Due to the combined presence of a Solar Eclipse and SuperMoon, the Piscean energy associated with this New Moon would normally be amplified. New Moons always provide us with new energy and new opportunities to create within the areas of life associated with the sign involved. With so much energy in Pisces, the influence of this sign is undeniable. Keywords for Pisces include compassion, emotions, intuition, healing, spirituality, sensitivity, gentleness, selflessness, and creativity.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in Astrology: Cosmic Change Agents

However, the shadow side of Pisces can also be activated during the time of a New Moon, which includes being lost in a fog, secretive, dependent, passive, and a martyr. Pisces is a mutable sign, and there will be a powerful mutable influence during the entire month of March. Mutable energy is adaptable, easy going, lighthearted, spontaneous, and flexible. This forms a mutable t-square or right triangle in the sky, which intensifies the mutable energy described above. To break down all of the individual aspects involved in this t-square is beyond the scope of this Moon Update.

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In sum, we may be feeling the impact of unrealized dreams during this New Moon, or we may realize that we have been trying to do everything, which has been diluting our focus and keeping us from accomplishing what we truly desire. Although challenging with all this Piscean energy flowing around us, we need to distinguish between reality and illusion.

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However, the presence of Chiron is calling us to heal, and the South Node closely conjoining the New Moon and Chiron tells us that healing may require that we let go of something from our past while appreciating what remains. And the pervasive energy of Pisces tells us that the healing will come through compassion, forgiveness, unconditional love, and actions that move us toward becoming whole. As suggested in Gestalt Therapy, healing often occurs through reclaiming parts of ourselves that have been left in the shadows, suppressed, or denied.

Solar and Lunar Eclipses in 12222

Once we can accept all parts of who we are, warts and all, then true and deep healing can occur. The answers may come to us through Piscean avenues such as slowing down, using our intuition or imagination, engaging in creative activities, meditating, listening to music, receiving messages through our dreams, being in nature. NOTE: Big shifts can also occur when a planet crosses the degree of a recent eclipse. It can bring an increased sense of self-confidence.

Overall, we can do some excellent problem solving today under this influence, because we are eager to learn and grow.

Lunations: Eclipses – Lunar Eclipses and Solar Eclipses 12222

Although it is a nice place to visit in order to recharge our batteries, to dwell there will hamper our progress. A quick moving but wonderful grand trine or equilateral triangle on Saturday, March 12 , between the Moon, Jupiter, and Pluto all are located in earth signs will provide us with a short-lived but powerful shot of positive energy. The areas of life that might be most impacted by this astrological configuration are relationships and finance.

On Monday, March 14 , relationships could become a bit sticky.