Capricorn capricorn compatibility percentage

Their rivalry is legendary — whether it be sports, work or business related. Virgo looks out for Capricorns metal health which deteriorates when overworked and Capricorn stops Virgo from overthinking the smallest details. This is the sort of couple who hook up through dating agencies and apps.

7 Ways Capricorn and Cancer Match in Love and Sex!

To them, swipe and like or paying someone to vet the field is highly efficient and practical. Both are likely to be busy career people with Virgo often working long hours in health services and Capricorn chipping away at the corporate ladder — outsourcing compatibility match-ups just makes sense. Co-habitation occurs after a lengthy dating period and a hard look at shared expenses.

Holidays are taken at 5-star resorts with a plethora of outdoor sports and activities. Their home is modern and decked out with the latest appliances and furnishings.

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Capricorn can be quite cold and becomes frustrated with Virgos neuroses. Withdrawal of compassion makes Virgo clingy and unable to shut up which causes Capricorn to retreat behind an invisible wall.

Capricorn and Capricorn - Compatibility in Sex, Love and Life

Although they are similar creatures, differences must be respected — yes Virgo is anxious and yes Capricorn is overly disciplined — learn to live with it people! The other potential minefield is becoming stuck in a rut. This can result in an affair or running away to join the circus. The best advice is to not take anything for granted and throw the odd spanner into the relationship works. This is a couple of land meeting the sea, of stardust and dreams.

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