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If we do research to find out the difference between Natal Astrology and Nadi Astrology, Astrology predictions based upon arithmetical calculation by men is Natal Astrology and forecasting by Maharishis with their spiritual power, already written in the Palm leaves is Nadi Astrology.

The Arithmetical predictions by the ordinary people may lead to failure in most cases. This is because people normally are not able to note down the birth time of a child accurately. This is mainly because they are nervous and mentally tensed during the moment. This error results in wrong computing of Birth Ascendant and planetary position which results in absolutely wrong prediction. This as a result disappoints the native. So keeping aside this sort of slipping possibilities methods, let us, look into the forecasting made by the Maharishis based upon thumb prints, which is purely by their spiritual wisdom.

Name of the native, their parents, their spouse, their rank in their family, number of children, number of siblings etc. Apart from this, the solutions such as Temple visit, Pujas and Mantra puja which has to be performed are given by performing which, the native can get eradicated from the present problems and the problems yet to come.

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It is not arithmetical calculations and hence the sayings of the Maharishis will never be failed. They are possessors of word Power. Our unique Thulliya Naadi High Accuracy Naadi Astrology reading - done online along with you reveals to you, your past, present and your future. The clear thumb impression Male - Right, Female - Left of the native is taken and studied.

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According to the shape or sizes of loops, some symbols and number of dots, there are names for the thumb impressions based on their permutation and combination. Homa is a very powerful tool for spiritual progress and progress in life.

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Chanting mantras in front of fire while offering material substances into fire has a great cleansing and calming influence on one's mind and gives great level of mental focus, peace, calmness and bliss. Vedic Astrology is an ancient Indian science which explains planetary motions and positions with respect to time and their effect on humans and other entities on earth.

Vedic astrology can be traced thousands of years back. It was later in life when he became interested in spiritual and devotional fields, being attracted towards the study of astrology and planetary movements.


Developing his interest in the subjects he studied astrology through recognized institutions to become one of the most proficient and respected astrologers in Chennai. He has also studied and become skilled at Prof.

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Krishnamurthy Systems. Practicing both the traditional form of astrology, along with the accuracy and timing of the KP Stellar Astrological Systems for over 15 years, has enabled him to become a highly notable astrologer in Chennai. Mariappan has won many awards for his devotion and work. Stellar Astrological Research Institute in Chennai.

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Children are the vital beat of the house. Their name should be given according to their Janam Nakshtra. For them to achieve more success,healthiness and sound knowledge in the field they wish to shine… Read More.

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With so many availability of options in the field of career the students also get confused with what to choose and what to leave behind. In such cases astrology gives a helping hand by indicating the position… Read More. Everybody wants to travel abroad at least once in their lives.

Many even want to get the opportunity of studying out there, and eventually settle down.

With the rise in technological advancements, it is really not a big… Read More. Life is very simple. But we make it complicated. Life is beautiful. But it needs open eyes to observe it. Life gives solutions, but an open mind is required to see it. There are mysteries beyond human mind. Read More.

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When will I get promotion as per astrology Is this a question that is stirring your confidence? Life is all about changes and variations. Vastu is an ancient practise of certain rules to develop and maintain buildings that promises to harness the natural positive energies surrounding us…. Many of us suffer from one or other kind of doshas in our horoscope that is read by the expert astrologer after examining the horoscope carefully.

Say for an example if your horoscope is saying… Read More. While considering a marriage alliance, the custom does not allow the tying of the knot until the ten poruthams are studied and matched for the couple who desires to be joined in matrimony. Marriage is like Gambling,Where to two strangers surrender to each other without knowing each other.